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Skeleton Keys

Here you will find a number of the most popular skeleton keys that are used for locks on antique furniture, curio cabinets, dressers and grandfather clocks.


We offer a large selection of knobs based on type, size, finishes or styles. Here you can find black or flat black, brass, iron, golden tone, rust, nickel, chrome, silver, bronze, pewter, oil rubbed bronze, antique copper and antique English finishes for knobs. Do not forget to check our amazing wood, glass, acrylic, porcelain and ceramic knobs!

Keyhole Escutcheons & Inset

Our elegant keyhole escutcheons is a great completion for any project.  We propose a wide range of keyhole covers in different styles, finishes, that are suitable for vintage as well as for modern furniture.

Tacks & Pins & Nails

Here you will find tacks of different sizes, materials and head types required for upholstery tasks. We also have a wide selection of nails that are necessary for the restoration or construction furniture.

Bed And Mirror Hardware

You will find a wide choice of equipment that is necessary for the restoration of almost any antique bed here. Balls, fasteners, bolts and much other are available in store.

File Cabinet Hardware

If you decide to restore an antique File Cabinet or simply face with the need to replace the label holder we will help you to select the most suitable one.

Casters & Toe Caps

Do you need casters? 
We offer movable casters of different sizes, styles, materials, that are suitable for furniture of various sizes and can withstand different loads. 
Toe Caps are necessary to protect the legs of your furniture or simply add elegance to a cupboard or other furniture.

Furniture Locks and Padlocks

We have a wide range of different lock types such as half mortise, full mortise, barrel , flush mounted and padlocks that are perfectly suited for antique cabinets, dressers, chests, drawers, grandfather clocks etc.


We provide hinges of various types and finishes. Our hinges are suitable for restoration of antique furniture and for DIY projects. If you need a hoosier cabinet, non-mortise, ice box, surface mount or other hinges, you are in the right place!

Coat Hooks

A wide range of coat hooks is available that made in vintage and modern styles, from different materials and finishes.
It is easy to find required coat hooks that are suitable exactly for your decor here.


We provide a wide range of wood screws in various sizes, materials, head types, that are necessary to meet your restoration needs.

Bookcase Hardware

If you plan to restore a vintage Bookcase, we have everything for this.

Hoosier Cabinet Hardware 

You will find a wide selection of restoration hardware that is needed for "Hoosier" type cabinets that are produced by such famous brands as Napanee, Sellers, Bone, McDoughal here.

Other Goods

This page contains different furniture hardware that can be useful for your projects.

Pulls & Handles

Choose bail, bin, ring, drop or drawer pulls for your needs. Besides "Uniqantiq Hardware Supply" store has pulls with Ceramic and wood inserts. 

Latches & Catches

At Uniqantiq Hardware Supply you can select cabinet latches of different sizes and various materials.  We have latches for old as well as to modern furniture  

Trunk and Box Hardware

Our store provides everything that you may need during the antique trunks and boxes restoration as well as to design new projects.

Wood Appliques&Onlays

These decorative wood appliques & onlays will embellish your furniture.  

Appliques are available in different sizes, styles that are from various tree species. Besides, it can be painted or finished according to your desire.

Chemicals & Tools

A wide range of waxes, agers, glue, epoxy, and the most essential tools for furniture restoration are offered by our store.

Ice Box Hardware

We have everything you need to restore your Ice Box or even to design a new one.  Latches, hinges, labels, and pulls are available in store..

Caning & Upholstery

We supply a wide selection of caning tools and upholstery for customers who decided to replace their old upholstery on chairs or other furniture. Here you can select upholstery tacks, nails, glides,  fiberboards, pre-woven canes and more.  

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