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All orders are shipped only on condition 100% preliminary payment for an order.

Uniqantiq Hardware Supply is responsible for all orders that were damaged or lost during transit to a customer.

We do not give any warranties of fitness goods for particular purposes, Only if this guarantee is provided by a manufacturer.

All prices, descriptions, and policy can be changed by us without prevention.

We are not responsible in the case of the loss of profit and other indirect costs or business losses, linked with the lack of goods positions in a stock, delayed delivery through the fault of a transporter or Uniqantiq Hardware Supply.

During the making decisions about the purchase, You are responsible for the expenditure and loss by yourself.


  • All received orders are shipped in the shortest possible term from 24 to 48 hours.

  • All orders are sent by the ground shipping, the selection of transporter is up to Uniqantiq Hardware Supply.


  • The positions that were ordered but are not absent on the stock. Such positions can be delayed and shipped when goods will be available. If such positions are available for shipping during the 10 days, otherwise order can be canceled by us.

Uniqantiq Hardware Supply reserves the right to cancel your order in case if goods are not available on the stock or damaged.

Uniqantiq Hardware Supply is not responsible for any discrepancies on the website, prices, colors, sizes and so on..

The controversies linked with the receiving broken or lost goods are accepted during the 14 days with the date of delivery in accordance with the providing the tracking number.

All orders received within 30 days from the date of delivery are accepted for return.

We are entitled to retain up to 20% from the summa of returned goods, to cover the costs on the repacking and service.

The return shipping cost of the returned goods is paid by the buyer if this returning is not to the fault of Uniqantiq Hardware Supply.

All shipping return expenses, return by the fault of Uniqantiq Hardware Supply, are paid by the Uniqantiq Hardware Supply

If you need to change or cancel an order, please, contact us as fast as possible.