Our most popular goods are available on Amazon Prime too.


In order to get the necessary hardware in the shortest possible time and to avoid unnecessary transportation costs for express shipping, we also added the ability to order the most popular of our products from Amazon Prime.


  • How to use:

Just find the necessary hardware on our website and check the availability of this item to purchase with Prime.


All purchases with Prime go through the trading platform Amazon.


Just follow the link on the page of product you are interested in and place an order for this product on Amazon.






NOT all goods that presented on the website are available on Amazon Prime.


Orders placed through our website will be processed and shipped from our stock using standard land delivery by UPS and USPS carriers.


  • The advantage of purchasing with Prime:

If you own a prime subscription to Amazon, you can take advantage of it and place your order through the Amazon site.


Prime members get the opportunity to get free delivery within two days in the continental US, that significantly reduces the time to wait for your order and transportation costs.


It is the best way to receive the necessary equipment rapidly, without overpaying for express shipping.


  • The price policy:

The prices that are provided on our website may differ from the prices on Amazon.


This is due to the fact that the spends of sales through the Amazon site is slightly different from those that we have in carrying out orders through our website and sending from our warehouse.


Please treat with understanding to the possible differences in prices. Payment, Returns and


  • Refunds:

All orders for goods purchased on Amazon are processed and paid through the Amazon trade platform.


  • Terms and Conditions for Shopping with Prime:

Purchases made through the Amazon trade platform will be processed according to the terms of the Amazon trade platform.


  • Pay attention:

If you need to return the goods purchased from us to Amazon.


Please open a refund in your buyer’s account on Amazon.

All orders placed through Amazon are returned and refunded, in accordance with the rules and policies of the Amazon trade platform.


If you need to return the goods ordered through our website uniqantiqhardware.com. Please see how to do this here: https://www.uniqantiqhardwaresupply.com/returns-and-refunds.


All refunds of returns are made in according to our pricing policy on the resource where the purchase was made.


That is, orders purchased on Amazon can be refunded in according to the values that were paid during the buying at Amazon.


Orders placed through the uniqantiqhardware.com website will be refunded in according to the costs that were paid for the purchase through this Internet resource.

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